Friday, March 8, 2013

Neo T001 Look Like The Galaxy S3 Mini

Design Neo T001 inspired by the  Samsung Galaxy S3 so that the model is very similar to this mobile phone. but the specs of this phone is different from the original so that their phones can only be used as a comparison to those of you who want to have a cheap android mobile. The price offered for Neo T001 is 399 Yuan or $ 65 USD, very cheap for mobile phones that already use Android as the operating system.


Neo T001 Specifications in appearance can be interpreted as follows:
  • MT6517 Dualcore 1GHz Processor
  • 512MB ROM 512MB RAM
  • Display 4 "WVGA touchscreen
  • Dual sim GSM Network
  • Main Camera 5MP
  • Second VGA Cam
  • Batterey 1500 mAh

For More information about price and rumors you can find it at Mobile News

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